Improve Sales and Customer Service - Stop Smelling of Cigarette Smoke

by Mike Mike on September 04, 2017

Okay. We've all had the experience of walking down the street and you get passed by a smoker, or walk past someone smoking and you're hit with that harsh stink of god knows how many bad toxins and you stop mid breath, holding off breathing in until you're sure the smell has passed.


It's not a pleasant experience and is quiet offensive to the majority these days. What was once 'cool' is now certainly not. 
But i'm not here to harass smokers at all, if anything i'm here to help. 


Picture this:

You are inspecting a house to buy/rent and you're in a room with the real estate agent and he/she lets a fart of all farts just drop outta their guts and you pick up on the smell. Your nose starts to twitch then shrivel up as it tries to avoid sniffing in the fart particles, your eyes start to water as you turn to look into your partners watering eyes you notice the wallpaper start to peel off the walls. Your only thought is to get out asap!  
Once you're out alive and safe you then think about the house you were inspecting. What would you think after that experience?    Exactly!! House ruined! All you're going to remember is that horrible butt burp and even if you brought the house I can bet that you'll never like that room..


My point is that smell plays a huge influence on many things, from relationships to memories. So back to the problem.

Cigarettes stink, but you still need those smoko breaks and the nicotine hit to get you through your day right? Of course! I do too.

Here's a solution that'll knock your socks off! 


I can't pitch this enough. If you're in any Customer Service or Sales role you are well aware that your presentation is everything. You want to look nice and smell good, i get it! 

So instead of smelling like stank cigarette smoke why not Strawberries?, Watermelon? to be honest you can Vape whatever flavour you want.. The smell of the vapour (despite the amazing taste and smell) wont stick to you clothes, breath or hands!

A quick personal story:


I worked at a sporting retail store and i went out the front for a 'quick smoke' and mid-way through a customer walked into the store... "come ooooooooon" I thought "really? right now?" I butted out my half ciggie and tried to take some fast breaths of air to try eliminate to smell? (i thought it'd work) well I walked into to help the customer and, it didn't work...
She kept a noticeable distance from me, I could see she clearly needed help but she insisted she was okay. My work mate came off his lunch break and went to help her.... short story even shorter, $2700 sale.. To him.. This wasn't the first time I was blatantly avoided, it's not a nice feeling. But I found out why. It was my smoking habit..
Since vaping not only has it been an exciting new experience and i feel better for it, but my sales and relations with customers went up! Who would've thought smell had such a huge role. Also made me more popular at work and people wanted to know more about it and try all the flavours I tried and enjoyed smelling them.
There's no harm in trying, right?
Don't be the guy who farts in small spaces. Take care of yourself and don't smell.
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