Vaping Lingo. RTA, Sub Ohm, Throat Hit, Ass Juice, VG – PG. WTF? (Vape 101)

by Mike Mike on August 30, 2017

What is an RTA? What is Vaping? What is VG - PG? Whats a Coil? What does this all mean?!?!?! 

No need to fear although there are what seems to be a million phrases,
Lets keep it simple; here’s a list of popular phrases used in the Vape world.

APV (Advanced Personal Vaporiser) – APVs usually have a larger battery, often with features such as variable voltage and wattage. An APV is more commonly called a MOD - modified e-cig


ADV (All Day Vape) – This is an abbreviation which is used by seasoned vapers to describe their preferred “go to” ejuice which they are happy to vape on throughout the day.


Ass JuiceThe last thing you want to vape is ass juice. This is what vapers call e liquid which tastes bad.


BCCIs an abbreviation standing for “bottom coil clearomizer” where the coil of the atomizer sits at the bottom of the clearomizer tank.


BDCThis is another abbreviation for “Bottom dual coil clearomizer.“


Box ModA box mod is any PV or APV that comes in a box shape, and comes in several different wattage selections. Some popular wattage classes for box mods are: 10-30 watts; 50-80 watts even up-to 1000+ watts.


Breathing the process of leaving an e-liquid open to the air so that any alcohol can evaporate off. Can mellow out some flavours.


BVCAbbreviation for "bottom vertical coils". A very popular design for atomizer coils.


Cartomizer (Carto) – This is a combination of disposable cartridges and atomizers. They hold more e liquid than a regular cartridge/atomizer combination.


Clearomizer – A clearomizer is a transparent version of a cartomizer, usually made of thin, and easily breakable plastic, clearomizers hold roughly 2-3ml of e liquid.


Coil This is the wire that is used to vaporize the e liquid by creating an electrical circuit. The coil is usually made up of Nichrome or Kanthal wire.


DrawThis is the name given to the inhale from the vaper’s mouth on the electronic cigarette mouthpiece (knows as a drip tip.)


Dripping This is the method of vaping by adding a few drops of e liquid directly into the atomizer chamber instead of using a cartridge. This is the method that gives the best vapor quantity and flavor quality.


Drip TipA mouthpiece accessory with an opening that allows drops of e liquid to be dripped directly to the atomizer/cartomizer without the removal of the tip.


E-Juice/ E-LiquidThe solution that is vaporized within the atomizer tank, comprised of Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, and/or Nicotine and Flavoring. Also referred to as E-liquid, Juice, or Smoke Juice.


FloodingThis occurs when too much e liquid is put into the atomizer. The indicator of flooding is a gurgling sound and the performance of the atomizer is sometimes negatively affected.


Heat steepingHeat steeping is the process of speeding up steeping by placing one’s e-liquid container in a hot water bath or in a hot environment for any length of time.


Hit/RipThe inhalation of vapor.


HV ModA dual battery or boosted supply mod (modification) to allow higher power vaping.


Kick/Punch1. another way to describe throat hit 2. The PV add-on that allows you to put it between your battery and PV’s spring and allows you to convert a standard Tube Mod PV into a Variable Wattage device. LeakingE liquid can leak out of the bottom of the clearomizer/atomizer/cartomizer and onto the battery, which in some cases can cause damage to the device and causing a shortage.


Li-Ion (Lithium Ion Batteries) – Considered the strongest and most powerful batteries in the electronic cigarette market, coming in many different sizes and shapes.


Lung HitAlternative to mouth to lung hits, lung hits are inhales of vapor straight to the lungs. Usually requires massive airflow.


ModShort for modification. This originally referred to modifying a flashlight or a battery to be used in vaping, but is now commonly used to refer to any vaping device that is not a cigalike.


Mouth to lung hitVapor is pulled into the mouth first and then inhaled into the lungs. Can provide more flavor in the mouth.


Ohm (Ω) The standard unit of electrical resistance. A lower number indicates lower resistance and therefore faster heating.


PV (Personal Vaporizer) – Another name for an Electronic Cigarette, usually in reference to the more untraditional style e-cigs.


PG (Propylene Glycol) – One of two main substances used in the making of e-cigarette liquids.


Priming/PrimeThe act of preparing a wick to vape, usually done by adding a few drops and soaking the wick in e-juice or taking a few pulls without heating the coil. This is not relevant for drippers/drip-style atomizers.


RBARebuildable atomizer


RDARebuildable Dripping Atomizer


RDTARebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer


RTARebuildable tank atomizer


Steeping Allowing your e liquid to sit either open to the air, or in a sealed container. This is generally not necessary in e liquid that has a high ratio of PG to VG. It is more often necessary in high VG ratio juices.


Sub-OhmingThe practice by experienced vapers to increasing the current from your specific battery and by (using the principles of Ohms Law), reduces the ohms of the coils below one to achieve massive vaping clouds.


Tank A special type of cartridge that holds considerably more liquid than cartridges with filler. Usually used with a cartomizer and sometimes an atomizer.


Throat HitThe feeling an e-cigarette smoker experiences when the vapor hits their throat. Most desire it to feel like a cigarette with a full, yet smooth hit. This is commonly felt with PG juices. Check out our PG vs VG page for more information.


VaperThe name given to the user of the electronic cigarette.


VaporThe atomization of e liquid which results in a fog juice vapor which is commonly accepted to be exhaled as water vapor (steam). This is the main visible factor in vaping that simulates smoke, but is a much safer alternative.


VG (Vegetable Glycerine) – A common ingredient found in e liquid. Sweet tasting and of low toxicity, it is thicker than Propylene Glycol and is usually used where thicker liquid or vapour is desired or where a PG sensitivity is present.


VW (Variable Wattage) – Any PV, APV, or Mod that allows the user control over the wattage output of their device across the atomizer coil. This differentiates itself from a VV device because the voltage is calculated to arrive at the set wattage.


WickWicks are used to deliver e liquid to the coil in electronic cigarettes. Most atomizers use a wicks that are most commonly made from silica cord. However, wicks can also be made from rolled up steel mesh, fiberglass, cotton, and sometimes ceramic materials.


WickingThe process of osmosis where more concentrated fluid moves to an area of lesser concentration in an effort to find equilibrium.


There are also a bunch of numbers which are commonly used in the vaping world. Here are some of the most popular:


26650These are batteries that have typically been known for good sub-ohming. This is typically seen as true because the 26650 batteries more likely have a larger cathode/anode surface area, so they will be a bit less susceptible to thermal runaway. However, this is not always a indicator for a great sub-ohm battery.


401, 402, and 403Refers to the different length of this specific electronic cigarette. They are known as m401, m402, and m403.


510The most popular and common style of threading for electronic cigarettes available. Originally developed by the company JoyE, it quickly became the standard within the industry. It also has whats known as a male thread.


808 or KR808One of many styles of electronic cigarettes available.


901An Atomizer with a female thread. it isnot compatible with 510 threading.


18350A battery that is 18mm x 35mm, used in smaller mods and generally have a low amp rating.


18650A classification given to a specific size of Li-Ion battery popularly used in APVs, mechanical mods, and tube mods



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