LG MJ1 18650 Battery
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    LG MJ1 18650 Battery

    The MJ1 is new, that is why it is exciting. Every new generation of batteries provide just about an 8% increase in capacity (generalized) over those of the previous year. The MJ1 is certainly no exception, as it's nominal capacity is of the highest of all 18650 batteries on the market, and it achieves this without sacrificing much of its maximum discharge rating.

    Let's take a look at its official specifications:

    • Nominal capacity: 3500 mAh
    • Minimum capaciy: 3400 mAh
    • Average voltage over discharge: 3.635V
    • Standard charge: .5C
    • Maximum charge current: 1C
    • Maximum discharge current: 10A
    • Cycle life: 400 cycles
    Important Note:

    There are inherent risks attached to the use of all rechargeable batteries. Special caution must be applied when working with Li-on or any other type of rechargeable batteries. They are extremely sensitive to charging characteristics and may cause serious injury, damage, or defect resulting from the improper use, modification, mishandling or misuse of the batteries or battery chargers in any form or shape at any stage of transportation or use. User must have knowledge on the charging, discharging, assembly and storage of these batteries before use. Use at your own risk!

    • This battery is not protected and must be used with special caution
    • Do not use if any visible damage/ defect is present on battery or charger
    • Always only use chargers that are deemed safe by relevant authorities
    • Do not leave batteries charging unattended
    • Always charge on/ in a heat resistant, non-conductive and fire-proof surface
    • Always transport and store battery in a safe, non-conductive container in a controlled environment
    • Dispose of all batteries and chargers in accordance to local laws and regulations
    • Keep away from children and pets
    • This battery is not protected and must be used with special caution