Why Is My Tank Leaking | Vaping Know-How

by Mike Mike on October 18, 2017

Why is my tank leaking? How can I fix a leaking tank? My e-juice leaks out of my air vents?
This are common problems so don't freak out thinking your device is broken..

1. Juice. Your e-juice could be to high in 'PG' the higher the PG the thinner the consistency and is more likely to seep through the coil especially if the unit is designed for big clouds. So try a liquid with a higher VG content(50\50) minimum.

2. Exposure to heat (sun). E-juice is designed to evaporate (no shit) however if left in the sun it can evaporate on it's own which in turn will cause the liquid to thin out and leak.

3.  Seals. The seals in your tank could be worn out. If so check the box your Vape came in and there is usually always spare rings. Try replacing those.

4. Cracks.. Even the slightest crack in the tank can cause chaos! Check carefully that the glass is undamaged. If so replace the glass. Replacement Glass For Sale

5. Simply not screwed on right Seems silly but you never know. Unscrew the tank and even coil and just make sure everything is firmly in place. 

6. If all else fails you may need to visit a vape store or buy a new tank.. New tanks can be purchased here: VapeHaven 

For all other questions feel free to contact us: VapeHaven or chat to us live on our website. https://vapehaven.com.au/

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