What Vape Should I Buy? Some Vapes to suit your personality or workplace.

by Mike Mike on September 08, 2017
 What is a good starter kit for Vaping? What Vape is best for beginners? What is the best Vape for quitting Smoking? What is a good Vape for Cloud Chasing?
If you are new to this whole Vaping scene it’s okay to be confused ask a million questions, we were all in the same boat.
The aim of this post is for me to give you a list of Vapes and beside them have a list of people, personalities and work places that the devices suit. So basically scroll down see what you like and then determine if it is a practical device for you.
There are a SH!T ton of Vape devices out there so I’ll give you the most popular ones you should be able to pick up at your local Vape Shop.
Here we go!

Smok Stick V8 (Starter Kit)

- Tradies 
- New to Vaping but want to produce clouds 
- Lung hitters 
- Shesha users 
- Good 'at home' Vape

Joyetech eGo AIO (Starter Kit)

- Beginners
- You smoked 5 - 15 cigarettes a day
- Good First Starter kit (one button)
- Drivers
- Office Worker 

Istick Basic (Starter Kit)

- Beginners

- Want to try flavours

- Mouth to lung hitters

- Clumsy people prone to dropping things




KangerTech Evod Mega (Starter Kit)

- Beginners

- Classy/Professional Women

- Professional Office

- Models

- Elderly 



Innokin Endurra T22 (Starter Kit)

- Beginners to Intermediate 

- You smoke 15 - 20+ Cigarettes a week

- Tradies / Physical Labourers 

- Truck Drivers



Joyetech Penquin (Starter Kit)

- Beginners - Intermediate 

- Sales / Business 

- Drivers / Sports / Fitness


Eleaf iStick Pico (Just needs a Battery) 

- Intermediate - Advanced

- Professional / Elder Users

- Interested in learning and like to tinker with settings


Eleaf iStick 40W TC40 (Starter Kit)


- Beginner - Advanced
- Smoke over 20+ Cigarettes a week
- Likes to control own settings
- Bit of a tech wizz
- Older aged
- Business / Business Owner / Sales
- Upgrade options







Vaporesso Tarot Nano (Starter Kit)

- Intermediate user

- Sleek Business owners / Entrepreneurs

- Classy looks and 'rich guy' persona 

- Intermediate Cloud Chasers

- The flashy 'ooh la la' show pony


Smok G-Priv (Starter Kit)

- Advance

- The tech geek that loves adjusting settings

- Cloud Chaser

- Loves toys and gadgets 

- Wants nothing but the best



As i said earlier there are alot! of different devices so finding you perfect fit can seem hard but I hope this list gives you and idea on what Vape devices suit who.

In saying that though you can pick what ever you want at the end of the and make the decision for yourself, it took me three different devices to find my preferred Vape. No harm in having a few backups.


Didn't find a Vape that would suit you? all good! Check out more Vape devices online here: Vape Haven



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