Vaping Around The World! Traveling with your Vape. Where you can and cannot Vape

by Mike Mike on September 15, 2017
Well to avoid any mishaps in your future travels here's a little map of where you can and can not take your Vape.

So have a quick check of this map before traveling abroad and avoid heavy sentences, fines and even jail! 
But! If you're like me and don't like having restrictions on the things you love then try this stealthy we unit!

Vaporesso Aurora Starter Kit (Zippo Style)


But wait there's more! Incase you don't want to risk taking the Zippo style lighter over there's this one...


Joyetech Ocular 80W (touch screen) 

This unit you can get by with claiming it as your personal MP3 player as it stores music files. Also has a built-in Pedometer! So the Mod is very disguise-able and an MP3 player and Pedometer 'fitness unit'

"Where there's a will there's a way"
So here's a good little 'cheat the system method' for your traveling needs! 
Check out Vape Haven for more products: 




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