Vape News | Liquid Nicotine Laws in Australia (as of September, 12, 2017)

by Mike Mike on September 12, 2017
I've been asking the same questions.

So from what I’ve read and looked into, liquid Nicotine is still illegal to purchase or distribute here in Australia. This comes at great frustration for people trying to kick their smoking habits.
However… Here’s where it is grey. You can import liquid Nicotine into Australia (and E-juice with Nicotine in it) even use it in certain states…
Seems retarded, I know. You can smoke cigarettes, use the nicotine gum and buy the patches but they’re restricting vapers from getting the nicotine they need.
I’m going to assume ‘they’re’ afraid of it being too easily consumed and worried of the overdose effects primarily on children. Sure the bottles look nice and smell amazing and are backed up by the taste labeled, however users aren’t dumb.
We have common sense.. Keep away from children, childproof lids, educate them and also a nicotine overdose can be harmful sure but it is usually always kicked off with prompt vomiting which 1. Clears out the majority of the ‘poison’ and 2. After vomiting the patient, I’m sure gets the hint that “hmm I’m not doing that again”.
But then again there’s the theory that smoking companies can’t tax on it (yet).
Here’s a cool ‘Law Guide Map’ on Liquid Nicotine here in Australia.



Liquid Nicotine has been classified as a ‘poison’ and I’m not sure why this is a big deal. Check out your cleaning supplies at home, you’ve got bleach, oven cleaner, fly spray, and dishwashing liquid! It just seems a little dumb.


There’s more damage in second-hand smoking than there is in the unlikely chance that little Timmy takes a gulp of some E-juice with Nicotine in it and vomits, has a nap and makes a full recovery (lesson learned).