My Innokin Endura T18 / T22 Isn't Working | Flashing Green.

by Karsten Kobbing on October 01, 2019

"My Innokin Endura T18 / T22 is flashing green when I push the button to fire it."

Does this sound like you??

If so, fear not the problem is simple.

The green flashing like is an indicator that there is a shortage between the coil and battery.


First off, check the coil is in there snug and the bottom of the tank is screwed on tight.

Still flashing?

Make sure you tank isn't on the battery to tight. This can damage the connection pin in the battery and it could be stuck down and may need a pokes with a pen to get the spring back the pin.

Still flashing?

No problem. Replace the coil. Simple as that. 90% of the problem is is the coil. So you'll find once you replace the coil it'll be back to brand new!! Get T22/T18 coils Here: COILS

Still Flashing? 

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