How to blow rings ('O") with your Vape!

by Mike Mike on August 29, 2017

There is no denying it, smoke rings, ‘vape rings’ or “O’s” are fun to do and look pretty cool. There is nothing more satisfying than inhaling a nice cloud of vapour then proceeding to puff out elegant rings of vapour. If you have tried before but never knew the right method is can be quite tough. But with the right technique and a little practise you will find blowing smoke rings really easy. Follow these 3 easy steps to learn how to blow smoke rings with your Vape.


How to Blow Smoke Rings

  1. Take a long drag on your Vape.  Inhale the vapour into your throat, not into your lungs. This may take some practise but will produce the best results. You want to get as much vapour as possible. The thicker the vapour the better the rings will look and longer they will last.
  2. Get your mouth in the right shape. Keep your tongue flat at the bottom of your mouth and towards the back of your throat. Make your lips into a small “O” shape and stick out your lips like you were going to say “boo”.
  3. Push a small amount of vapour out your mouth using your throat. This is the part that takes some practise. It is like a mini cough, short sigh, or making a slight choking sound.


Advanced tips to Blowing Smoke Rings


  • Add speed and distance to your smoke rings. You need to push out the rings with a small jut of your jaw. You push the vapour out of your mouth by pushing your jaw slightly up and forward.
  • Add backspin to your smoke rings. Push your tongue forward as the vapour is leaving your mouth. Keep your tongue at the bottom of your mouth behind your teeth. use the middle of the tongue and do a quick movement to push the vapour out and add the backspin. Instead of pushing your jaw forward for this one you want to push your jaw up. This will help add to the backspin and keep the ring tight and together.
  • Improve the look of your smoke rings. Curling your lips just as the vapour is leaving your mouth will also improve your smoke rings. The further and quicker you curl your lips the faster and farther they will travel. Timing is very important with this step and curling your lips to soon will make the rings smaller.


The Easy Way to Blow Smoke Rings

If you struggle with the basic method of how to blow smoke rings there is a really easy way to do it with almost no practise. You can make a vape ring by taking vapour into your mouth and then shaping your lips into a circle and taping your cheek. Just get your mouth into the right “O” shape and each tap will send out a little ring.

This will give a good feeling for the right shape of your mouth and amount of vapour you need to push out to get a good ring. Once you have got this you can start pushing the vapour out with your tongue or short breathes instead. You won’t get a nice big smoke ring until you master the technique of pushing the vapour with your throat though.

Final tips for Learning How to Blow Smoke Rings

A higher VG mix e-liquid will work best, as the vapour will be thicker.
Practice in a room with no breeze or airflow. Otherwise the air will break the rings before you see them


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