Gold Coast Are Moving Into The Future | Join The New Revolution!!

by Mike Mike on September 21, 2017
Gold Coast are joining the rest of the world in the new leap into the future. 

Okay so I love watching war movies and when I was watching 'The Platoon' and i'll admit the Soldiers that were smoking cigarettes looked way more badass than the one who weren't (this wasn't why I started smoking) but it's what I thought I looked like...

Yup that's me (not actually me) but that's what I was going for... Until more
recently smoking cigarettes is now looked at as offensive and un-attractive..


But alas! There is an answer! VAPING!!

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Anyhow, back to the topic. 

What i'm trying to say is that Smoking Cigarettes are old news and we are living in a future of devices and gadgets. 

You may have noticed the rise of vapers? Employers are now encouraging their employees to take up vaping as it is helping Sales and Customer Service. More industries are moving forward into the future: Tradies, Drivers, Council Workers, Politics, Professionals and Retail.

To find a device that suits you, click here: Here.

So now i'm just waiting for a war movie where they're vaping!


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