E-Liquid | What is PG/VG? What's the Best Ratio?

by Karsten Kobbing on October 17, 2019
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    What is PG mean? What does VG mean? What's the best ratio? What does PG stand for? What does VG stand for?

Okay lets keep this very simple and easy.

PG - Stands for Propylene glycol

        - This is used in E-Juice to enhance the flavor and give a 'throat hit' (that tingle in the back of the throat when inhaling) The higher 'PG' the more flavor and throat hit achieved. 

VG - Stands for Vegetable Glycerin

       - This is used in E-Juice to create the vapour upon exhale. This is more for the visual pleasure of seeing vapour on the exhale. The more VG the more Vapour (just remember V for Vapour). Although the VG can dilute the flavour so the more VG you have in your juice the less flavour and 'throat hit' you'll get, depending on juice brand. 


Well that all depends on what you're after?
Big clouds = High VG. More Flavour = PG.
If you want both you'd be a safe 50/50 mix to start. 

Hope this helps.



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