Celebrities that Vape. A list of Celebs that have kicked their bad habit and switched to Vaping.

by Mike Mike on September 01, 2017

A list of celebrities that have moved away from their bad smoking habits and moved into the future and started a cheaper healthier alternative.

It's only a matter of time before they start bringing out their own range of E-Juices. 


* Samuel Jackson!With a mighty fine looking vape too.



 * Norman ReedusYou know? Daryl from The Walking Dead!



* Robbie WilliamsYup Robbie Williams on the Vape, looks like he’s not happy with his Juice selection though..


* Michelle RodriguezMichelle looking fine as always with her Vape.


* Kylie Jenner Taken from Kylie’s SnapChat as she casually vapes in her fresh whip!


* Katherine HeiglAlthough I’m not to sure on who this celeb is, she’s vaping, so she gets my vote!



*Katy Perry Yup! The ever so so soo sweet Katy Perry vapes.




* Snoop Dogg (Lion) – Not sure what kind of Juice Snoop uses but I’m sure it’s amazing.



* Johnny Depp – Johnny Depp looking classy as always while being Johnny "Deep" in his vape!



* Leonardo DiCaprio – Last and certainly not least, your boy Leo!


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