Best Vape For Beginners | Best Vape / e-Cigarette To Get Started.

by Mike Mike on October 06, 2017

What is the best Vape for beginners? What Vape should I buy to start? What do I need? How Does it work?

Alot of people who are starting out or who are looking at transitioning into Vaping will be asking these questions.. 

The best Vape device for beginners in my opinion is for sure the:

 Innokin Endura T22.

Why take my opinion? Well I've been involved in Vaping for a few years now and currently working in a Vape Store. 

This unit is perfect for beginners because it's cheap, user friendly, good battery/tank size and has one of the best 'mouth to lung' tanks on the market, not to mention the soft drag you get from this unit so you wont e coughing your lungs out. It's a very sturdy unit too.

Start here and see how you go then for sure upgrade if you feel the need too. 
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