E-cigarette ban in smoke-free areas of NSW attracts Government support

by Mike Mike on November 07, 2017
Calls to ban electronic cigarettes in smoke-free areas of New South Wales, as has already been done in five other states, have now been backed by the State's Health Minister who is siding with the country's top health organisations.
Several groups like the Cancer Council, Council on Smoking Health, and Heart Foundation urged the NSW Government to legislate the change.

Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory have all enacted the ban to date.

"We don't actually know what's in the e-cigarette vapour, you could be sitting on a bus and the person sitting next to you using an e-cigarette could actually have nicotine in it and you're breathing in that vapour," said Wendy Oakes from the Heart Foundation.

"Also, if people are using e-cigarettes on buses, in offices, in trains, in cafes, in restaurants, that's going to be really difficult for those people who have quit smoking to actually maintain that.
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